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  • Create Project for your Video or VR content and fill in all the relevant details.
  • Post specific creator requirements for your Project. Your requirement will reach the relevant creators and you will receive collaboration requests.
  • Browse for creators in our fast growing creator community and invite interesting creators for collaboration.
  • Share updates about your ongoing Project activities and engage with the community to get noticed and attract the best creators in your team.

How it Works ?

  • Create your profile, share relevant information including your skills and showcase your past works.
  • Receive notifications for new Collaboration Opportunities from Project Creators.Also stay updated with the ongoing activities of projects.
  • Browse for Collaboration Opportunities in ongoing video projects and send collaboration request.
  • Share you work and get specific and valuable feedback from the creator community.

You are looking for Video Projects for


You are looking for Video Projects for


How it Works ?

  • Create profile, share your information , skills and showcase your best work.
  • Get updates and notifications for new collaboration opportunity posted by video projects.
  • Browse work opportunity in ongoing video projects and send collaboration request.
  • Post your current work for feedback and engage with community to get get collaboration request from best video projects .
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Who should create Video or VR/AR/MR Project & Why?


You are at Ideation Stage

Create a new Project Page for your idea. Shoot/Create a short intro video or an eye catching banner and then explain your video idea in the Project page. Add your existing team mates if any as collaborators. Then post Core Creator Team requirements for collaboration to join your team to nurture and refine the idea. You will shortly start receiving collaboration requests from interested creators. This will help your Project take off from Ideation stage and lead you into Production stage.


You are in Pre-Production

You have already finalized your Project idea and have a got a Core team. Now you need few more creators with specific skill sets to join your project. Create a new Project page and post your creator requirements in the page. Creators with those skill sets can check out your posted requirement and you will soon start receiving request from interested creators from around the world.


You are at Shooting

You have an urgent requirement on your shooting day at a specific location? Don’t worry, Pipecast Colab has got your back. Create Project, add your creator requirements and connect with the creators nearby. It is just one of the many things that you can achieve if you are constantly sharing updates about your ongoing Project.


You are in Post-Production

You have completed almost everything in your Project. Now you have to package, promote and distribute the end product. At Pipecast Colab, you can find creators who can help you finish all the above things. Once done you can launch your finished project at our video streaming platform Pipecast Stream, to reach your target audience.

A better & faster channel to get feedback on your ongoing work?

Get feedback from fellow creators & professionals

It is always important to get feedback on your work for you to grow as a creative professional.Here at Pipecast Colab you can share your works in the form of audios, videos or images and receive valuable feedback from the creator community. You can also help fellow creators grow by providing your insights on their shared works.

VR/AR/MR/360° Projects

VR/AR/MR technology is growing fast but there is not enough content. At Colab we want to build community who are working on VR/AR/MR/360° content and want to accelerate this new medium of storytelling. Please Join Us !

How does it help ?

At Colab, we are building network of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 360° content creators who wants to tell story from this new medium and connecting them to video industry professionals, so they can collaborate in VR/AR/MR/360° projects and learn from each other

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